Unplanned pregnancy. Miscarriage. Abortion. Stillbirth. Child separation. Adoption.

Any of these events are difficult to cope with.
Its even harder if you are in prison.



CHOICE FOR CHANGE offers help and support for women in prison who want to talk to someone. 

We provide trained counsellors who create a safe and supportive space to talk through difficult experiences with pregnancy, child or parenting loss.

We have nine years experience of working with female offenders. All our services are offered without judgement. We treat everyone with compassion, integrity, respect and trust.

Using a 12-step bereavement programme, CHOICE FOR CHANGE aims to help women understand and express feelings from the past, grieve their losses and find hope for the future.

We can also act as a trusted go-between with Social Services for women who want to write to adopted children via letterbox contact.

Where we work


CHOICE FOR CHANGE is currently available in Bronzefield and Downview female prisons and is also offered to ex-offenders in the community at our Islington office. Future plans include offering the service to male establishments.



To find out more or refer someone to CHOICE FOR CHANGE, contact Choices Islington. You can call us on 020 7700 4475 or email celia@choicesislington.org.

To make a referral straight away click here.


Really helpful just talking about my lost baby, never done that before. And having someone to trust and not judge me where I felt ashamed .... counselling’s changed me loads.
— Choices client