The need


We all face more pressure today than ever in the area of relationships and sexual health, often with little advice or support.  A person’s ability to relate to others and set healthy boundaries has a huge impact on their relationships, mental and physical health, education, housing and employment. Therefore, education in a safe and honest environment is crucial to help equip people to develop what we call ‘relational literacy’.

I Am Project


The ‘I Am Project’ was created by Choices to help people develop relational literacy. People with high levels of relational literacy are better equipped to navigate relationships in a way that improves their ability to make healthy choices.

The ‘I Am Project’ is a 9 session course which uses creative activities to equip people to develop self-esteem, recognise abusive behaviour, develop understanding of motives and empower people to make healthy decisions in relationships. The course considers relationships in the wider context of society and community, as well as our relationship with ourselves, personal networks and intimate partners.

I learnt how far relationships can impact all aspects of life.
— Participant on an 'I Am' course

Who is the course for?


The course can be offered to children, young people and adults. The course content can be adjusted according to the group but can be delivered in a variety of settings. In the past, the ‘I Am Project’ has successfully been brought to schools, prisons, youth groups, pupil referral units and therapeutic organisations.

This was an enriching and supportive environment where we learnt about the importance and complexities of healthy relationships.
— Teacher

Deliver your own course


We regularly offer ‘I Am Project' Practitioner Training for organisations keen to present their own 'I Am' Projects and become part of the ‘I Am Project' Network. Please contact us if you would like to deliver your own course or if you’d like to find out more about how to deliver it in your setting.


To find out more about the 'I Am Project' email Debbie or call 020 7700 4475.