The need


Young people today face more pressure than ever in the area of relationships and sexual health, often with little guidance from family and peers.  A young person’s ability or inability to relate to others and set their own boundaries will positively or negatively affect their relationships, mental health, approach to education and employment.

I Am Project


The ‘I Am Project’ was created by Choices to help young people build relational literacy and was delivered in HMP Holloway until it’s closure in 2016. It is a 9 session course using the creative arts, with an emphasis on equipping young people to develop self-esteem, recognise abusive behaviour and make healthy relationship choices. The course considers relationships in the wider context of society and community, as well as our relationship with ourselves, personal networks and intimate partners. It ends with a showcase enabling young people to become peer educators and ambassadors of healthy relationships.

One of the strongest healing processes I’ve had in my life.
— Participant

Where we deliver the course


The ‘I Am Project’ has successfully been brought to schools, prisons, pupil referral units and therapeutic organisations. The course is currently run with young people and women-only groups. A course for men is in development. Choices delivers courses in London. Our growing ‘I Am Project’ Network of organisations provides the course in additional locations (including prisons) across London and the UK.

A great course on relationships and the society in which they are living.
— Teacher

Deliver your own course


We regularly offer ‘I Am Project' Practitioner Training for organisations keen to present their own 'I Am' Projects and become part of the ‘I Am Project' Network.


To find out more about the 'I Am Project' email Lucy or call 020 7700 4475.